Golf Clash: Beginner’s guide


Golf Clash is a sport game that directly involves user skills. It means that if you want to prosper and evolve in the game, you have to learn how to adapt yourself to the gameplay. There’s an algorithm behind each golf ball that you send and try to put in the hole. You need to understand the functioning of the core values of the game’s algorithm in order to come up with a comprehensive picture on what you should do.

In order to do so, there’s only one option that can improve you skills: Practicing. The more you practice the more you brain adapts to the game which will lead to a significant improvement in your performance. Of course, there are some little tricks that you can read about on the internet, but since it’s a game that involves your know-how directly you’ll need to practice that in order to assimilate what you learned.

Of course, there are also some advantages procured by the items that you can purchase in the game’s store. You’ll need to gather enough resources and in order to do so, you need to be quiet good at what you’re doing. So do not rely or put the blame on the special items that your opponent may have and focus on improving your skills.

Golf Clash focuses on the competitive dimension of the game by enabling players to participate in a lot of competitions. That’s something you should definitely consider if you want to move to the next level. More competition means higher standards and most important more valuable experiences and gained skills. You can only progress and prosper greatly if you’re part of a competitive environment that can push you beyond your limits. So, do not hesitate on putting yourself among people that are higher levels than you. Do not think of the outcome from a result perspective, it’s better to lose and discover new aspects of the game. Winning easy will get you nothing but a little sense of pride that’ll vanish when you meet experience players.

Think of your game time on Golf Clash as a long term investment. The most important thing is to stay motivated and to dedicate yourself to the game. Put this idea in your mind and the results will come earlier than you thought.